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Be blessed as you listen to life-transforming messages by Pastor G.

Archived Messages

It Is Fini​shed

Pastor G teaches on It Is Finished,  one of the seven last sayings of Jesus during His time on the Cross.

The Lion Tamer

Pastor G. delivers a thought-provoking sermon on Daniel and his time in the lion's den.

Into Praetorium's Hall

Journey with Pastor G as he unfolds an in-depth look into Jesus' experience in Praetorium's Hall hours before His crucifixion.

Walking on Dry Land

What does Moses, Joshua, Elijah and Elisha have in common? All parted water in the face of seemingly impossible situations. Pastor G breaks down how we too have the power to walk on dry land during difficult times!

The Good Shepherd

Just as Jesus was demonstrated blueprint of a good shepherd, so too can these qualities be cultivated in pastors and leaders. 

Is Leadership Lacking

Many causes of failure of entering the "Promised Land" can be pointed towards lack of execution, misguidance, procrastination, little drive to name a few.  Sometimes, we have to take a hard look at leadership and understand where the disconnect lies.

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