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15 Minutes of Faith Vlog

An ongoing series of  video blogs geared towards advancing KINGDOM truths and dispelling erroneous teachings.

Watch Your Mouth


We love to be quick with our word but rarely think about what we are saying. Learn to think and listen more before speaking!

Be Real Light


In a world of darkness, don't just look for light, BE THE LIGHT!

Call It Out and Fix It


How long will the Church hid sexual sins as one who tries to hide being abused? In order to fix the issue, we MUST face the issue!

Where God Wants You To Be


Everyone has an idea of where they want to go. Have you consulted God and asked HIM where He wants you to be?

When You Go Through the Waters


You can either take yourself to the pool or get pushed in by force. Either way,  you have to swim to survive!

What About Your Idols


You cannot serve God and man. Idols come in different forms. You have to remove them ALL!

Who Are You?


Do you identify with what people say or what God says? Find your REAL identity in Him!

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