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About Pastor Gary



My Path

Born to proud Jamaican parents in Kingston, Jamaica is where I called home for the first 7 years of my life. Before social media and politics, we enjoyed the beauty of paradise. Every day was summer and sunshine. Even through sickness, the life and light of God’s beauty brightened my day. Eventually this battle would lead my family and me to Detroit, MI. Little did I know, I would have an encounter with God that would change the course of my life.

God's Plan

Shortly after migrating to Detroit at the age of 8, I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ at Circle Y Bible Camp in Bangor, Michigan. As a young man,  I took  this experience to venture into their Leader in Training program. For the next 10 years, I devoted my summers to the Bible camp as a teen leader and then a cabin counselor.

I graduated from Cass Technical High School with a diploma in Aerospace Technology. From there, I  attended Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, graduating with a degree in History and Business. During his entire collegiate career, I worked full time for such companies as General Motors as a Call Center supervisor, Global Crossing as a Network Operations Tech, and SBC as a Network Engineer.

I spent his off time from school with the youth outreach ministry under the leadership of Pastor Derrick Rollerson and Pastor Dwight Knight. Additionally, during that time, I focused on biblical training under Challenge Ministries .

Upon reaching Austin, Texas he aligned himself with Greater Union Baptist Church. After being a member for three months, Gary was asked to get involved in Bible studies. From there, he was assigned the position of Young Adult Minister, where the ministry grew from in numbers exponentially.


My Purpose

Between the devastation of divorce and drastic job loss, I had hit bottom. I went from being a Director of an IT Department to being a Truck Driver. I was humbled and forced to look at choices I had made that did not reflect the ways of the Kingdom. With a second child on the way to a woman I was no longer with, I ran even further from my calling.

I battled thoughts of “God, can You use someone as broke and broken as me? I am bankrupt in mind, body, soul and spirit, so how can I minister and help anyone else?” What I learned through my days of tests and tribulation is that:

1. God is not shocked nor caught off guard with what you are facing

2. God’s purpose and plan for your life did not change.

3.  My troubles were an opportunity to strengthen my faith, rest on the promises of Jesus and ultimately help other people see God in their situation, no matter how dark it is.

Heaven's Promise

By embracing God’s Word and receiving His grace and mercy, I have watched God miraculously watched God do what I didn’t deserve. His favor redeemed, restore me and I, over the process of time, recovered all that I lost in life and love. In 2016, I married the love of my life Mrs. Charity Morris, where to this union, the blessing of Hebron Xavier and Hannah Gabrielle have increased God's blessing on our lives, now giving us a total of 4 children.

I now look at my job as an opportunity to minister to others. I have a proven desire to serve others. This includes holding the office of Chaplain of the Phi Kappa Kappa Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Gary Joined Marvelous Light Christian Ministry in 2006 where he serves as Elder and has been involved in several ministries. 

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