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Your time to DOMINATE and Aggressively Advance God's Kingdom is N-O-W!


Find your PLACE !

For too long, far too many people have been wandering around, wondering about their purpose in life,  love, and learning. Through practical teachings from Pastor Gary, you will be led THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD, on locating your PLACE in God's plan, path, and promises!

Find your PURPOSE !


There is no fancy, glittery formula to discover your purpose in life. The unrelenting, undeniable truth is that Christ is the answer and if your life is to be centered around Him, your purpose will exist in Him and because of Him.

While your calling in life can change, your ultimate purpose in life will never change. The Bible is clear that our main purpose is to always glorify God in everything we do. 1 Corinthians 10:31  states, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

In one season of life, you may be called to be a paramedic and at another point of your life, you might be called to be a doctor. At one point in life you might be called to be a middle school teacher, and another point in life you might be called to run an orphanage. One season may find you in a time of singleness and yet another season will usher you into the married life. The specifics can and most likely will change, but no matter what God is calling you to do, He is always calling you to do it for His glory. The sum total of what you do and who you are should point back to God! Whether this is done in the boardroom, pulpit, classroom, courtroom or operating room, the ultimate purpose in your doing and being is to glorify the One who created you. 

So the pivotal questions to ask are, “What choices can I make in life and what can I do to bring God the most glory from my life?”


How do you possess and dominate what God has already promised you....USE THE POWER HE HAS GIVEN YOU THROUGH JESUS' NAME AND BLOOD!

Daniel 11:32 teaches us: " the people that do know their God shall be strong and DO EXPLOITS! "

The prerequisite for operating in exploitative power is to know God!  How can you know Him without spending time in His Word. Thus the key to dominating power is making God's presence your permanent habitation through prayer, praise, worship and LIVING the life of Christ....selfless, sanctified and set apart. From an overflow of His presence in your life, POWER will be produced!


Let me pray with you!

Allow me the privilege to join my faith with yours to manifest God's best. Whether the request is for your relationships,

a need for peace or the promise for provision,

Jesus is ready and willing to meet you where you are and respond to your faith

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